The Renaissance of Imperial Geopolitics.

The Irredentist claim of Mussolini’s Italy over Corsica and Malta (1922-1942)

  • Deborah Paci Università Ca' Foscari Venezia; CdL Digital and Public Humanities


Recebido: 12/02/2021

Aprovado: 29/04/2021

My article aims at focusing on the fascist rhetoric over two territories, Malta and Corsica, the object of the irredentist goals of the fascist government during the twenties. Firstly, I will trace a general outline of the fascist geopolitical vision for the Mediterranean with reference to the Mussolinian policies towards France and Great Britain. Following this, I will examine the imperialist rhetoric promulgated through the magazine “Geopolitica” and the touring guides of Touring Club Italiano. 

Keywords: Fascism, Italy, Malta, Corsica, geopolitics